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EdulinxUSA has got your back covered, so you can feel confident and secure in your decision to apply 


Can I apply if I have no teaching experience?

Yes. Candidates with less than 2 years of teaching experience will be required to complete the TEFL/TESOL training course and obtain the TEFL/TESOL certificate. The TEFL training includes a 120-hour online course, and a 40-hour training camp with teaching practice.  Upon completion of the training, the candidate will be awarded the TEFL certificate.


Do I need to pay for the TEFL certificate?

The cost expense of the TEFL course will be covered by EdulinxUSA if you are successfully placed and attend the TEFL training course camp designated by  EdulinxUSA in Beijing.

What if I already had a TEFL certificate?

Please note that NOT ALL TEFL certificates are acceptable. The recognition of the TEFL certificate you hold depends on the regulation of each provincial/municipal Foreign Expert Bureau in China. Please contact us to inquire about the acceptability of the TEFL certificate you have

Will I be accepted if I have a criminal record?

Unfortunately, foreigners with a criminal record are not permitted to work in China according to the regulation of the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs. They are not eligible to be granted a work permit. 

Can I apply with my friend? 

EdulinxUSA encourages you to apply with your friend. If feasible, EdulinxUSA will try to place you in the same city or school/institution. Please specify it  in your application form.

Do I need to get travel insurance?

EdulinxUSA strongly recommends that all applicants purchase travel insurance in their home country for the duration of their stay in China.  Although the host school in China will provide insurance coverage within the period of the contract, it is still advisable to have additional insurence coverage.

What kind of visa do I need to teach in China?

To teach in China, you will need to obtain a Z visa.  The Z visa is a work visa specifically for foreign nationals who are going to China to work. It is issued by the Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country and allows you to enter China for the purpose of taking up employment. 

Can I ask EdulinxUSA for help while I am in China?

EdulinxUSA and your host school will support and assistance with your living and teaching needs during your contract period in China. 

What will my accommodation be like?

Your accommodation will be either on campus or near the school and will be furnished and equipped with necessary household appliances such as a TV, internet connection, shower, and washing machine. You may share the apartment with another teacher of the same gender from the program.  Utilities will be covered, or you will be provided with an allowance. 


1. EdulinxUSA is a private limited company registered in the United States. By using this website and signing up for one of our programs, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.


2. EdulinxUSA offers programs worldwide in partnership with other institutions in each country. Each of these programs requires you to be bound by these terms and conditions stated. You will be presented with some programs with separate terms and conditions. Each program of EdulinxUSA offers comprehensive support and guidance and promises to always act in the applicant's best interest.

3. Each program offered by EdulinxUSA is subject to eligibility based on your nationality and qualifications. You will be required to go through an interview process with a member of the EdulinxUSA team and a member of the school/institution you are placed with. 

4. Each of the programs offered by EdulinxUSA requires you to pay a support fee/program fee in order to join. You will be invoiced an agreed-upon amount to secure your place on the program, and you can then organize to pay off the rest of your balance over time in the run-up to your departure. Unless otherwise stated, the fees payable for programs do not cover any other associated costs, including but not limited to flights, insurance, accommodation, transport, food, medical or entertainment expenses. Many of our programs offer reimbursements upon arrival, provided by the school/institution you are placed with. You can find these details on the program pages.


5. Additional fees may be charged should you wish to change the program you initially enrolled in 12 weeks or less prior to your intake date.


6. All program fees are non-refundable. It would be best if you were responsible for your travel insurance, which will cover you for any eventuality, including but not limited to the cancellation of our programs for any reason, including Covid-19 or any change in the world's economy or political differences. You may defer your program place to a later date if you are unable to travel because of travel restrictions at no extra cost to you.


8. EdulinxUSA accepts no liability for any losses that may be sustained by any person participating in any of the programs offered. This includes, but is not limited to: loss or damage to personal property, losses relating to injury or death, and losses relating to the cancellation or amendment of travel reservations.

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