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We warmly welcome native English speakers to teach in China and share their language and cultural expertise with our students

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China is Opening now.

Experience the thrill of a new culture and career opportunity with EdulinxUSA's TEIC program, where you'll receive expert guidance and support in making your dream of teaching in China a reality and starting your lifestyle smoothly.

Join us now to start your new lifestyle.

Say goodbye to the stress of navigating the unknown and easily take the first step toward your teaching journey in China. EdulinxUSA provides a seamless process and will guide you every step of the way until you are fully settled.


Hear what they have said about us

An International School in Shanghai

Since June 2018, our school has been cooperating with EdulinxUSA, LLC. on a foreign teacher program, and then the partnership ended in June 2020 due to the epidemic. However, during the cooperation period, the company strictly fulfilled foreign teachers' employment, training, and related work, and both sides cooperated happily. Prior to settling in the position, the company provided systematic training for foreign teachers to help them adapt to the teaching tasks at school; after teachers full in the schools, all foreign teachers also regularly participated in foreign teachers' teaching exchange activities to ensure that their teaching work at school went smoothly. During this period, the company completed all the service management for the foreign teachers, especially during the epidemic, and tried its best to coordinate the work of the foreign teachers and provide logistical support for them. The company is a reliable partner for the school because of its meticulous service, positive and friendly attitude of the staff, and dedication to providing services and support.

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Thomas Beijing 

They really helped me when I’m feeling nervous. Then after a week or two, all of my feeling of big scare became a feeling of excitement as I got used to teaching, it became a lot more a good experience. Kids are lovely, the teachers are lovely, they all want the best for you.

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My time with EdulinxUSA, LLC really helped me with my transition to teaching in China. I was picked up from the Airport by one of the company heads, we were helped along every step of the way and they organised some really cool sightseeing trips for us. When we went to our schools we still had contact with their staff and they helped us with any problems we had. I cannot recommend this company enough! 10 /10 5 starts!

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I have met lots of amazing people, I have learned about Chinese and Asian culture, which I think is very useful and fascinating. I considered differences between British and European and Chinese culture and I think it has really changed me as a person, of course, in a positive way.


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Next year I am staying in the school so I hope to build on what I’ve learnt. This year we have laid the foundations of learning, I got to know the students, I know what to expect and they know what to expect, so next year I hope to build more on that, share more stories, compare more of the cultures, and just get to know China and get them to know more about Britain

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A Public School

The cooperation with this foreign teacher recruitment agency was relatively smooth, from the initial contract negotiation to the foreign teacher recommendation and interview to the final dispatching service. All were entirely professional. Especially during the epidemic, there were very few qualities foreign teachers in China, and the market needed to be more stable, so it was difficult for the school to retain and manage the foreign teachers themselves. The partner gave the school much support, using their years of experience to advise on legal affairs, paperwork, policy control, and foreign teacher training. The school's original foreign teacher management was purely by dispatch, which depended on the outside world and led to many management problems. After switching to this agency, we can find a balance between the fully dispatched model and the independent employment model, which is also helpful for the school to manage foreign teachers independently.



Edulinx, LLC was really good to me when I arrived in China; they helped me to settle into a country on the other side of the world and make it feel like home. They made sure that everyone in our city felt like a family and supported us through the troubles we had. The training camp at the start of our journey prepared us for the intense task we were taking on with teaching, and provided us with the training to support us throughout the year based on our feedback. Their professionalism towards teaching ensures that you are given the skills to become a quality teacher in China and build further into your career

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